Short Film

"Close" - Short Film

  1. INT. HOUSE - DAY 1

    In the distance, a man, DAD (40s-60s), struggles to walk a
    straight line to the bathroom.
    Ring! The house holds little resemblance to its former
    glory. Dust is everywhere, some at rest, some in the air.
    Ring! All the windows are blocked by curtains, creating a
    prison of shadows. Dad almost tumbles into the bathroom.
    Beep! The home phone sits afar off. The line is open, as if
    a voice message is about to be left. Click.

Lead Actor


  Location Scout Image


Script Snippet 2

 He slowly lowers the bottle. Tears well up.
LINDSEY (V.O.) (cont’d)
But I’m not gonna quit this time...
no, not like you did. I’m gonna
keep calling and calling and
calling... until I know you’re not
there anymore.
He’s on the brink of meltdown.
LINDSEY (V.O.) (cont’d)
At least I get to hear your voice.
So I’ll talk to you tomorrow then.
He collapses in tears. The beer pours into the sink.