1.  Liberty Healthshare Project Summery

The goal of this LHS video series was to tell mini stories of each person and how they're now a part of a larger community of people who are all sharing in each others health care needs.

Liberty approached me about this project already having a story direction in mind, from there it was my job to visually communicate the story and personality of each person being featured.


Austin Ernst :30 Second Spot



John Daly :30 Second Spot

John Daly :90 SECOND SPOT

Behind the scenes photos


2.  Bryan Joseph for Benton Harbor

With this project I had full creative freedom to shape the story and scenes as I saw fit. The key element to this film was highlighting local people and businesses who are seen by the community as that spark of hope.

Script: Time has a way of changing things. What once was a vibrant city decayed. Hard times fell and we watched our city stumble. Businesses left and neighborhoods withered, but many of us held on. Watching glimmers of hope spring up around us, waiting for them to ignite a flame. We’re not through yet. Now it’s time to fan the flame, let’s make Benton Harbor the city it once was.


3.  Short Fun Social Spots for Brewing Co.

Your Name Brewing Co.

These spots are designed to be fun, energetic, and slightly cometic videos that a brewing company can drip out through instagram, Facebook, and other social platforms just to keep a little buzz around their brand.

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