Boston to Keflavik Iceland. Today, Aug 21st 2015 marks the completion of our first full day in Iceland. Harmony and I along with a friend will be spending three weeks working on some projects and exploring all the country has to offer.

After traveling through the night and early morning we arrived at the Keflavik airport at 4am, grabbed our luggage and took a bus to Reykjavik city where we wandered around for 2 hours until a local breakfast cafe called Bergsson Mathús opened. I've never been one to enjoy looking like a tourist, so walking around town with all our luggage was a challenge on my non tourist-looking pride. With some breakfast nourishment in us we walk around the corner to Te & Kaffi for a caffeine spike and to get a little work done while waiting to check into our house.

Checked into the house, nabbed some groceries, checked email, took a much needed nap after 30+ hours of being awake and hit the sidewalks to explore the residential area outside the city.